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November 12, 2019

The Apimaye Hive

The plastic Apimaye Beehive is now empty of bees. Let me review the experiment I started in February of this year. I bought the hive back in September of 2018. When I received the hive, I began by putting full sheets of foundation in the brood frames. I had 3 frames to go when I saw I was running out of wax. So the last 3 frames got 1/3rd sheet each.

Come January 28th of ’19, I went north to Flomaton, AL. to pick up a split that was early. The weather was a nice day of 52° F. The wind was out of the North as a nice intermittent slow breeze. I waited until dusk and the temp dropped to about 48° F to be sure most of the bees were back home. Transferred the frames to my Apimaye brood box then dumped all the bees in. By this time there were angry bees flying around and wouldn’t go into the box so I put the nuc box back in place and added a couple of his frames in it and told him that the bees would go there since the box was in their home slot. He could take them back to the mother colony the next day.

I took them home and moved them to the back yard where I had already set a block foundation. I immediately open the slide doors and there were some angry bees but I didn’t get stung because I slid the doors open and did not tarry getting to the door of my home.

Since this was going to be an experiment, I was going to not feed them for the rest of the winter and let them work on the one frame of honey in the box. I live in a suburb, there was plenty of personal flowers in the neighborhood to supplement the honey. You may think I am heartless, but remember this is just a 5 frame nuc in a 10 frame box. Not that many bees to feed.

March 15, 2019 (From my Journal) For the past 7 weeks, it has been overcast with little to no sunshine. It has been windy and overly rainy. [I said I would tell what goes on in my apiary—-Wellllll! Don’t do as I do, do as I say—- I had ordered a package of bees about a month before I was offered this split. The man had some health issues and had to get rid of his bees. I couldn’t refuse him so that is why I had some bees before the package arrived.]

March 16, 2019 Got the bees sooner than was stated and picked up the bees and put them in the trunk of the car.
Got home very late and just left them in the car.

In the next 4 or 5 days, I will install a package of bees and check the apimaye to see how bees or thriving. Well now here is where you should say tsk-tsk-tsk. I didn’t get back to the bees until the 22nd and of course they died. Procrastination will be XXX for bees and intentions. However the nuc was doing fine pulling out the combs and laying eggs and putting in nectar and pollen.

March 18, 2019 Put the other deep on the apimaye colony and pulled one of the brood frame up into the second brood box and the bees started to come up and I guess began to explore the frames.

Since I failed to order the split frames with the api super, I didn’t put it on. I literally left the colony alone. I spent September in Texas and when we got back the bees were very active at the door and I supposed they still had enough fares to continue on. Had a lot of outland things to keep me busy away from home.

October 23. 2019 – Noticed a couple of bees hoovering near the door of the hive not much activity. Suspect either dead or absconded.

Ok, tomorrow I will try to get to the api hive and check. I will send another post and maybe I can get you some pictures. I am still learning how to use the technology that has crossed my desk.

Remember to keep your veil handy, your smoker lit, and your hive tool sharp.

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