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NEBA Honey Show Exhibit Rules

1.  All exhibitors must be registered with their state apiary dept.

2.  All exhibits must be entered between time hrs. and time hrs. on day, dateMonth, Year.

3.  Judging starts at time hrs. on DayDateMonthYear.

4.  Honey show will be open to public at 1200 hrs. on Saturday, DateMonthYear.

5.  All honey and wax exhibits must be the products of the exhibitor’s own bees and have been produced within the past honeybee year.

6.  Exhibitors may enter all eligible classes, but only once in each class.

7.  Should there be only one exhibit in any class and, if in the opinion of the  judge, the exhibit is not worthy of 1st place, the judge may award 2nd, 3rd, etc., or no award.

8.  If no exhibit is a class is considered worthy, the judge does not have to give any award.

9.  Exhibitors in the extracted honey, comb honey, and wax classes are not competing against each other, but against the theoretical perfect example of the class.

10. Exhibits must be left intact and on display until the published time of removal.

11. All exhibits must be removed by timeDay, DateMonthYear.

12. Exhibits not claimed by timeDayDateMonthYear will be disposed of.

13. If exhibits are taken form the show before removal time without written permission, the exhibitor shall forfeit all awards.

14. Any violations of these rules and regulations will be sufficient cause for the disqualification of any exhibits from all awards.

15. Any exhibit that becomes unfit for display shall be removed.

16. All exhibits shall be placed in the designated classes as per ID labels. Exhibits in the wrong class may be disqualified.

17. Exhibitors shall have the official ID label properly affixed as per show rules. These labels shall not be altered. Identification (ID) labels will be provided. All classes have affixation rules as stated for that class. Separate class rules will apply.

18. Only show staff is permitted in judging area. Exhibitors are not allowed in the judging area until after the judging is concluded and the show is open to the public.

19. First the place winners in extracted honey, comb honey, and wax cake will donate their exhibits for auction.

20. Decisions of the manager and/or judges on any matter whatsoever, under or in relation to the show documents or on any protest or objection in relation to any exhibit, shall be final and conclusive.

21. Show staff reserves the right to limit the number of exhibits.

22. Show staff reserves the right to refuse any exhibit.

23. Show staff is not responsible in any or all circumstances for loss of damage sustained by exhibitors or their exhibits in any way whatsoever.

For questions, contact:

Roy Smith Honey Show Committee Chairman