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September 6, 2019

Fall Time

After the dearth and the bees are busy getting nectar and pollen for winter stores, now is the time to think about fall requeening. It is generally recommended to requeen either in the Spring, or you can requeen in the Fall, about late September to around the third week in October. Any later would be hard to find a queen unless you ordered from Australia or Hawaii.

There is another way to have queens and that is to raise them yourself. And actually there is two ways to do that. One way is to make a nuc without a queen and have eggs on one frame, another frame with sealed brood, one frame with foundation, and one frame of honey. When the bees find out they don’t have a queen, they will pick out two or three 1-3 day old larvae and start building queen cells to raise new queens. The other way is to raise queens through several methods. There are numerous ways to do this already on the web. Just type ways to make queen honey bees.

I have found that if you don’t want to actively raise queens for your own use and for sales then the nuc way is to go. I used to keep 1 nuc for each five full hives in the apiary. That way I could have extra queen if something happened if one of the hives was hot, I could requeen immediately. (I am assuming that you realize you must first find the hot queen and kill her then wait for 24-48 hours to introduce the new queen.) You also have extra frames of bees of open and capped cells to give to the hive that may be a little weak.

If you have too many nucs, then you can sell them to new beekeepers to get started. That can be a lucrative business. (Extra income.)

More to come, but later. ByBy for now.

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