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July 31, 2019

Do You Know??

Do you know that most of the information on bees in the United States is written in the northern part of the country and very little is written in the South. Well this blog is written strictly for the Latitude of Pensacola, Florida, U. S. A., and especially the Northwestern panhandle of Florida.

By now, you should have pulled the last honey of the spring leaving what you think the bees will need until the Fall flow begins in October with the Goldenrod.

Right now we are in a dearth from July to September especially in the country. The housing areas have ornamental flowers that help the bees during this time. For those of you that don’t know what a dearth is, it is where there is no pollen and nectar available. The bees have to rely on the pollen and nectar/honey they have stored for these times.

This is the time that you either leave enough honey for the bees or you have to feed them sugar water. Honey is better for the bees as they make it to fit their nutritional needs. Sugar water is not nutritious for the bees. Has no vitamins or minerals in it.

Fall, for me, is time for the bees to collect nectar and pollen for the winter. That will help them to survive until Spring. You can check on the bees in the fall and winter when the temperature is above 57° F. Don’t stay in the box too long. You are letting the warm air out.

Remember, there are three items you need to take to the apiary each and every time you go…Your veil, your smoker, and your hive tool. Anything else is your decision, such as extra frames, boxes, pollen substitute, sugar water, or treatment. Plan before you leave the house. Take notes while at the apiary.

As always, have your veil handy, your smoker lit, and your hive tool sharp.

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