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May 5, 2010

‘Nother Explanation

I was going to really work my 6 hives and one swarm this Spring and really start to expand my bee business and maybe get my bees to make me a little honey. “BEST LAID PLANS OF MEN AND MICE………”.

Other than completing my bee talk obligations to the different school’s kindergarten and first & second grade students, helping the 4-H with several presentations to adult classes, talking to Garden Clubs, and making it to at least two festival type settings, I was surprised when my sister from Texas called me and said that we needed to go to Springdale, AR.

My step dad has been kinda diagnosed with Dementia and my step mom with Alzheimer’s disease. I was led to believe that  we would be gone just maybe ten days or so. Well, 3 1/2 weeks later my wife and I got back in our own bed here at home.  That is an emotional, mental, and physical strain that I do not wish on anyone. We ended up having to split the stepparents, her daughter is taking care of her and my sister is taking care on him. The two cannot live together because of friction.

It is not over with yet, but for now we will let things ride. Sorry for the rendention, but I feel that you need to know why I am not doing my bee work as outlined.

The swarm that I had in my back yard, I am happy to report, is in an 8 frame brood box. I will be putting it into a 10 framer with in the next two days.  By the way, I told you I had six colonies and one swarm. Well, I was informed that the two hives that I took to Holly, FL., was destroyed by a bear. The landowner said that it was the biggest black bear he has ever seen. It would have dressed out at 500 lbs had he killed it. As it is, he is going to contact the wildlife authorities to see if they will trap it and relocate the bear somewhere else.

Now I only have four colonies and one swarm…errr…five colonies. I am still hoping that I have the other four up north of here. I haven’t seen them in 2 months.

But right now I have to deliver fliers to my part of the neighborhood announcing the neighborhood party for next weekend. See ya.

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