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December 4, 2009

Cleaning up

I never did find where the bees were coming from. By the time it stopped raining, it got cold and the bees are not flying. So I will just have to wait until a warm day comes back and try again.

My grandson and I finally went to the apiary to get the bees off the trailer. I put some pine straw in the doorways so the bees wouldn’t get mad enough to come out and sting us while we cleaned up. We moved the hives off the trailer and set them on 8″ x 10″ concrete blocks. Then we pickup up all the equipment that was not being used. You know- bottom boards, deadout boxes, top boards, screens, trash, etc. Just the things that makes an apiary look like a junk yard. By the time the equipment was cleaned up and loaded, the trailer looked like it would not hold any more, and besides I only had three straps with me.  We went home and had lunch with the family.

I now have only 6 colonies of bees. Five up at the winter feeding apiary and one in a garden where there is something to gather all year round. This is the best colony of all my past and present colonies. I am going to try to raise queens from this one colony to see if the queen has some traits that might be beneficial to the rest of the colonies.

After lunch, I remembered that I had not taken the pine straw out of the openings and that the bees would really be fit to be tied if they stayed cooped up for the two to four days that I was not planning on being back. I hopped into the truck and, still pulling the loaded trailer, I shagged back to the north end of the county and released the bees. Yup, they were mad! I really didn’t stay around too long. I left and seeing I still had some time before the Board of Managers conference call, I went to a close by apiary and picked all the equipment up there. Now I only have one apiary left to clean up for the winter.

I got home just one hour before the conference call and I even got to eat supper before I dialed up. That was a really good day’s work!

Stay warm and read play on the internet and research some of the bee questions you may have.  Have a great day. Talk to you later.

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