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November 12, 2019


Well today I had just a small window to work the hive, but to coin a phrase– Don’t do as I do, do as I say–

I went to the hive without a veil, smoker, or a hive tool. Guess what? I found some little bodies walking on the door stoop and going in and out. I saw what appeared was a guard bee, wasp, tiny yellow jacket, maybe tiny bees with bright yellow strips and black stripes alternating. However, these stripes looked very pronounced and sharp. I didn’t have my glasses either so I decided to leave the hive alone and go get my equipment.

By the time I got ready to go back outside, it started to rain. I decided to research the bees on the internet and wait till the rain stopped. After I got onto the web, it had stopped raining and then it was dark. Remember that procrastination I was talking about? Well it bit me again.

Maybe I’ll do a post in the near future and let you know what I found out.


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