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November 10, 2019

Fall Things to Do

Now that Autumn is here, you must do one of two things, either treat for Varroa Mites or not. It is your decision. Now if you decide to not treat, then you must keep the beetle traps in place so the bees, if they get weak from the mites, will have a chance to not be slimed by beetle larvae before the spring nectar flow starts in Feb-Mar.

Until then, make time to clean old hives, replace the broken frames, add foundation, paint hives, clean apiaries, and get equipment in operating condition. Order equipment and supplies from the bee supplier(s) of your choice and build-build-build. You want enough equipment ahead of time so you will not be wanting when swarm time gets here.

Now is the time to make plans for the new year. How many colonies you want to make or the total you want to keep for yourself. Do you want to make nucs and how many to keep and how many to sell to new and old beekeepers. Do you wish to sell packages of bees? How many do you think you can make? How much equipment do you need to order? These are some of the things you need to think about. Then there are the medical needs for your treatments.

I may be repeating myself, however this is what you need to make a habit of each season. Winter – Sugar water, pollen substitute, plain water, what to do if robbing occurs

This will give you something to think about for awhile. Now remember you need to read, watch videos, attend workshops and local meetings, and you really do learn something at each meeting.

Remember, three things you must have when you go to your apiary; Your Veil, Smoker, and Hive Tool. You must keep your veil handy, your smoker lit, and your hive tool sharp.

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