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January 26, 2019

Hello!?? Anyone home?

I feel that I have been away from my computer for more than a year and there are no excuses that could explain that. There are no reasonable reasons either. I have been the Procrastinator’s procrastinator of the century. In my absence, I have been researching a Langsford hive made of styrofoam sandwiched between two tough plastic sides. It is called the Apimaye Beehive.┬áIt is manufactured in Turkey.

I don’t know how long it has been in the US, but I know more than three years. The main supplier is in Masa, AZ. will tell you about the beehive. I think it is the next generation of Langstroth hives. I personally have the white boxes, being as I am in the Northwest tip of Florida where it gets hot in the summer.

The wooden Langs will fit on the Apimayes and you can use them interchangeably. All the frames, wooden and plastic will interchange in either box which is great! I have a lot of wooden and plastic frames that I have used and some that is still in the bundles that have not been put together.

I have one package of bees on order to be delivered about the middle of March to the first of April that will go into a Lang hive. I have a split that was given to me to put in my Apimaye hive. I pick it up Monday evening.

As this is new to this area, there are several beekeepers that are interested in my Api and how the bees will do with it. I will probably have lots of help if I need it, and even if I do not need the help. Haha. I will have it set up in my backyard so, I will have more visitors than I usually have. I guess that I will have to make sure I have plenty of coffee and have a pot on the burner all day. hehe.

Right now, the Red Maple is blooming and I still have some Spanish Nettle blooming, but it is on the way out. I probably will not have to feed the nuc, but I will have some sugar water ready just in case. I’ll need it for the package anyway. So, I guess I will need to go to the store and get 5 or 10 pounds of sugar, so it will be on hand.

I already have my boxes ready for the Spring honey flow. And just in case of swarming, I have some nuc and full wooden boxes ready. For you experienced beekeepers, you should have your boxes cleaned and frames with foundation ready now as when the swarming starts, you will not have time to build up your equipment after you need it.

For you wannabees or inexperienced beekeepers you will probably not have to worry about swarming this year, but you will next Spring. So you need to get with your mentors and find out when you should start getting your other boxes ready for next Spring. You know that you have to build the boxes and frames (putting them together). I am assuming you have already got your first boxes built and painted with frames and foundations. If not, then you need to do that now before your bees get to you.

Three things you have to have in your apiary. 1) You have to have a Smoker. The smoke helps to calm the bees so you can work them without getting them in a defensive mode. 2) You need a hive tool. Without one you will find getting the boxes and frames loose, almost impossible. And besides that you need to clean the burr comb off the frames and inside of the boxes. The hive tool is great for that. 3) Your veil is
essential if you don’t want to get stung on the face.

As always: Keep your veil handy, your smoker lit, and your hive tool sharp.

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  1. David | Jun 11, 2019 | Reply

    12 years you’ve been running this site – I admire your dedication. I just stumbled across it as I’ve an interest in bees, occasionally I feel enthusiastic and want to start beekeeping but that generally passes, subsiding back to general interest. Maybe, if I move out into the country one day, I will take the plunge have a hive or two. The poor bees have are a bad time globally and we have seen numbers drop alarmingly in the UK, so they do need our support. I’ve enjoyed your site,it’s very informative, and I hope all is going well for you.
    Thanks again.

  2. ekpeach | Jul 27, 2019 | Reply

    Thank you David. I am getting back in gear and will be posting soon.

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