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July 9, 2016

Woops! Where is the Honey?

By now the main honey flow is over in NW Florida. Oh there are still some flowers left, but the main heavy flow is over or at least slowing down. That means that you should have your honey pulled and extracted or at least getting ready to extract.

Reason being, the drought is coming and the bees will start eating the stored honey. I personally leave a full Illinois (medium) honey supper for the bees and keep a close eye on them to make sure they have honey and pollen. This is the second time of the year that the bees can starve. The first time is just before Spring is sprung, right after December. The queen starts to lay lots of eggs getting ready for the Spring honey flow and that is the time the bees use the majority of the honey and pollen.

Now at this time, going into Summer, the bees will use the majority of the honey for energy trying to keep the hive cool. Honey is the carbohydrate that converts into energy for moving the wings to help fan the hive. The pollen is to protein that converts to the fat substances with the amino acids along with the vitamins and minerals the bees need for body building.

Continue watching the bees and keep your veil handy, you smoker lit and your hive tool sharp.

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