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July 1, 2015

Frames, Frames, My Kingdom for Frames

Have you ever needed something and you had to stop doing whatever you were doing and either build, repair, clean, or even go to town to purchase it? That is my situation at this time. I have to clean some boxes and build new frames for them.

From the time I last wrote to now, I have lost my two new colonies. I will be honest. I neglected the bees and they got an abundance of Small Hive Beetles along with Varroa Mites. I have also neglected to clean the boxes and now I will see a bunch of beetle larvae unless they have gone to ground to pupate.

I am going to build approximately 25 frames and get them wired, then put wax foundation in them. That will give me two 10 frame boxes and one 5 frame nuc. Then I can either add a nuc to the remaining colony that is living in a 2 story  nuc box to a 10 frame brood box, or I can put another nuc on top and let them just keep on keeping on. During this time, I will need to start feeding them as we are going into a dearth.

Now would be a good time to make some more frames and clean some more boxes checking them first to keep the good boxes and get rid of the bad ones. There are two times that you will be slow and that is in the Winter and again in the Fall.

This is all that I am going to bore you with this time. Remember to keep your Veil close, your smoker handy, and your hive tool sharp.

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