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April 27, 2015

Back to My Apiary and Other Things

I have been going over in my head as to what to do with my colonies now that I have three of them. Do I leave them in my backyard,  or do I try to split and move some to the out apiaries. By the way, I don’t even know if I have any apiaries left. I need to touch base with the land owners and see if anyone has moved into my spots. That is something that needs to be taken care of sooner than later. You need to keep in touch with your contacts or you just might lose what you thought you had.

I was going to split my three colonies, but I really don’t have the bees or brood enough yet. I want each to split on their own without help from their neighbors. I will wait another two weeks to split. I need to get this done before the spring flow is over. I want them to be able to make wax to insure they have plenty of comb for storage.

I plan this way to split just before I start my may graduation run. I have a son that is getting his doctorate  degree in nursing in Orlando, FL. Then I drive to Indianapolis, IN. for my number one grandson’s high school graduation. Grandson number two will graduate from high school near Knoxville, TN. That means the middle two and a half weeks of May is taken up and I will be missing some of the beekeeping association meetings I regularly attend. You might say this will be a working vacation. hehe….

I am in hopes that when I get back, my bees will have gotten strong and I will be able to say with surety that they will be survivors and I will be able to loan some of the bees to a observation hive.  I have found that using an observation hive, will open lots of opportunities for bee talks to all areas of people. Show and tell always gets the attention of the young and old alike. I have also gotten some Newbie beekeepers interested in coming to the meetings and making our associations grow.

I am sure that by now that some of you readers out there have heard about two new types of bee hives. One is the Bee Barrel. This is a interesting article and the link I gave, is to the video. To download and read is easier for me as I need to see it in print to understand some of the concepts. I haven’t had the information as to how to extract the honey yet. Something about not having a patent on the extractor or the process to extract yet. I’ll keep you posted as the new information becomes available.

The second type of bee hive is the Flow Hive. There are several videos on the flow hive. there are several pros and cons about this type of hive. All discussions for both sides are valid and very thought provoking. I think that you, the readers, should research for yourselves and make your own decision.

I will leave you here as I am about 2 weeks late with the posting of this page.

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