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February 5, 2014

Burr—It’s Cold

Put your feet up in front of the fireplace and get a good book to read and relax. Also, I would think this is a good time to think what you need to be doing to get ready for the upcoming Spring Flow. Some things come to mind is do you have the amount of colonies that you want to start off the 2014 year? If not, then have you decided how many nucs you need and where you will be ordering them from? Do you have enough wooden-ware ready for the beginning of the season? Have you gotten the amount of frames and foundation you need? 

This is a good time to check the honey and pollen stores in your hives. The bees will be feeding much during this time getting ready for the honey flow and this is the time that most bees will run out of food.

Other things you should be planning for are there are a couple of workshops that are in the making for the first quarter of the year:

1) North Escambia Bee Association Workshop, 10370 Ashton Brosnaham Rd, Pensacola, FL

3) University of Florida Bee College at The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Biscience, 9505 Ocean Shore Blvd. St. Augustine, FL 32080-8610 904-461-4000

These are a good source of information for beginners and experienced beekeepers.

I have to go now and put the up graded rules of the honey show  on this site. Have a great day and enjoy your bees.

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