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June 20, 2013

When is a Beekeeper not a Beekeeper?

I have had some medical problems lately and with the help of Drs., Surgeons, and Hospital rooms, I am on the way to recovery. However, I have not been physically able to manhandle the boxes so, I have to depend on other beekeepers. I finally had one to be able to break off of his routine and come over.

Unfortunately, by the time I had help, the bees were driven out by the Small Hive Beetles. When the top board was removed on my only surviving hive, the top bars on the frames were covered head to tail, shoulder to shoulder with beetle larvae and no bees were in attendance.

All my bees are gone! Does this make me not a beekeeper any more? I personally don’t think so, however, since I am still considered a student of the Master Beekeepers program at the University of Florida and one of the requirements is that I have to have bees continuously without a break, what does that say? I would believe that I now have a break in my beekeeping and that will disqualify me for the program. I still have one level to go, Master Craftsman Beekeeper, and the prerequisite for this level is to have bees for two continuous years at the time of testing this coming November.

Now is not the time to get bees unless I intend to feed them through till Spring. I don’t know what I will do at this point. I need time to heal and get my strength back before I tackle more bees. I also need to contact the head of the program, Dr. Jamie Ellis and get a ruling.

I will let all ya’ll know as soon as I get an answer. If it stops my education, then I will probably not start up again next Spring. I will still have the rank of Master Beekeeper.

Until next time, get ready for the last honey pull and extraction. All the honey after that, the bees should keep for their winter stores.  Remember to keep your veil close, you smoker lit, and keep your hive tool sharp.

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