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May 26, 2013

Road Map for Keeping Bees

Once again, I was asked, “What is the right way, or, the best way to keep bees?” The answer is simple, but they wanted to know the complicated answer. So here goes…

The right way to keep bees is the best way you know how to. The best way to keep bees is the way you have found that is the easiest for you. Until you get to the commercial point with your bees, you need to have fun working and providing for your bees. You have to enj0y beeing with your bees and smiling as you work your way through all the hives and making sure that the bees want for nothing.

You need to enjoy reading about bees and stuff that you can visualize sitting in your honey house. You have to eagerly anticipate sitting and listening to your mentor and all of the other beekeepers you come in contact with and learning more and more about how to work your bees and apiaries and equipment to the fullest.  You also have to visit and join all the different beekeeping associations that you can in your area. It is important that you absorb as much as you can about the bees and equipment as you can.

Now for the short version of how is the best way to keep bees. Dedicate so much money to your bees. When that money is gone, wait till the next payday to dedicate so much money to the bees. Don’t over spend. Do as much as you can afford at this time and no more. If you have spent your allowance, then don’t use you fuel to keep on going to meetings. Use the telephone to call for answers.

What I tell my young beekeepers is, “there are several ways to get to Miami from here.” Some ways take longer and are rougher roads than others. You can even fly or take a boat to get there. Do what is easiest for you. My way may cost more than you can afford, and some of the other beekeepers may do things that is harder for you. Take the advice from all the experienced beekeepers and then choose those things that you are comfortable with and make your own system.

Remember this is something you want to do and have fun in doing it. If you really want to work, then go commercial and make the profits to pay for the apiaries and to support your family. Even that can be fun if you hire some good people to work your bees with you or for you.

Another thing you can do is enroll in the Master Beekeepers College to learn more about bees.

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