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March 6, 2013

Swarms, Splits, and Absconds (3rd Installment)

The last 2 posts are about swarms and splits. This one is for absconds. My definition for absconding is: Every last bee leaves the hive leaving anything they have put in the cells. No adult bees are left, only brood, pollen, and honey.

Why do they abscond? That is a very good question and only a bee can answer that. My best guess is that there is something in the box, wood, or area that disagrees with the bees. Could be a smell, not enough room, or  any number of things that only the bees knows.  If one swarm or split absconds an hive, then you can pretty well bet that other bees will do the same.

This is where, if you try something and it doesn’t work, then trying the same thing again and it doesn’t work again, then don’t try the same thing expecting a different answer. It won’t work. You have to change one thing at a time until you get a different answer. Maybe the foundation you are using is not acceptable. Could be the wooden boxes are offencive to the bees.  Could be a critter left an odor that the bees cannot handle. Could be something (cow, horse, goat, deer, or wild beast )had rubbed up against the box before the bees got started on their new home and decided that the earthquake was too much to handle.  Goat was making too much noise walking across the roof. Really no reason or rhyme as to why the bees absconds.


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  1. Bob Cooper | Mar 14, 2013 | Reply

    Very interesting information, they are amazing creatures. Thanks for the articles on splits/swarms.

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