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March 18, 2012

Just Had to Try It!

Instead of going to my last hive and splitting, adding honey supers and maybe put on another brood box just because, I went to my young friends, Matt and Rashell’s house to see what could be done about a swarm of bees that elected to leave after they split the hive a week prior.

When Matt called and told me that the swarm went up about 30 feet onto a limb in an Oak tree, I told him to get a wooden spoon and beat the top of an empty hive. When I got there, he was using a hive tool. He said the cluster was not as large as it was when he called me. I got a wood limb about 2″ in diameter & about 18-20″ long and started beating on the empty hive. After a while, the bees were seen going up to the swarm cluster and down to the colony that they left in the first place.

This is the first time I tried to “call” the bees down using this old tecknic. Some of the old timers swear by this method. About 20 minutes or so later, the cluster was gone from the limb. We didn’t see a swarm leaving the area and there were three sets of eyes watching. I assume that they came back to the house they left and started to work. I had Matt add another super to both his hives as there was no more room for more nectar in the supers. He has an ideal place for bees where he is at. He will have to extract in about 2-3 weeks just so he will have more supers available for more nectar.

Back to the beating of the box….I don’t know if the beating was what called the bees back or if this was a mating swarm that was as large as a primary one or not. Whatever the reason, the bees are back and I will have to do this again several more times before I am convinced it works. I’ll keep you posted.

Get ready, the bees are working and they will not stop until the flow is over. HAPPY HONEY COLLECTING!

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