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February 1, 2012

Justa Thinkin’

Here it is–several days later and I still have not looked into my hives. I guess I will have to get a novice to come over and take care of that little problem for me. I seem to be better at telling someone else how to do something rather than doing it for myself. This could turn out to be an excellent training exercise for someone.

Do you know that now is the time to do some real beekeeping maintenance before the spring honey flow? While you are checking for honey/sugar syrup, pollen/pollen substitute, brood, disease, and pests, you can also be looking for messed up frames, wax, rotten wood, paint (or lack of), equipment that needs to be repaired/replaced, and making sure that all your supers are ready to pick up and put on hives without being repaired, painted, frames ready to put in said supers and all the equipment (hive tools, smokers [bellows]buckets for wax, porpolis, comb honey, etc] is sharp and in good repair.

Remember, the bees are afixin’ to go to work and you will be busy giving them room to work in and pulling honey, extracting same, bottling in clean jars that you have thoughtfully already cleaned and capped so dust would not get in while you waited for the honey to come in.

You really need to keep reading and attending your association meetings to keep up to date on the new developments and to ask questions for those answers that you really don’t know. There are special meetings coming up that you need to attend just for more information or clarification on something that you are not sure about.

I know that the Alabama workshop in Montgomery will take place this Saturday, February 4, 2012 at Auburn University.

Roger Bemis is hosting a Queen rearing class at his place near Robertsdale, AL. next Friday, February 11, 2012. For more information, call Roger at 251-213-0168.

The Tupelo Beekeepers Association is having a  Queen grafting class at Chipley, FL. Here is the flyer I received:

Here is the flyer for the queen grafting course we are offering.  If you were at the last meeting you probably got one of these.  There has been one minor change.  I have added my cell phone number.  If you can’t get me at my home number please call me on my cell phone.  I am not in the house much during the day.


Barbara Mumpower


Tupelo Beekeepers Association

Tupelo Beekeepers Association’s

  Queen Grafting class

Where:   Laurence Cutts Place

How Much:  Registration: $25.00

How Many:  Limit 8 people per class.

When:  Classes start Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012, at 9.00 AM.

A class will be held each Wednesday thereafter as long as needed.

You must be pre-registered to attend.

Each student will receive a new Chinese grafting tool.

v Each student will get the cells they grafted and will be guaranteed at least 5 cells.

v Each student must pick up their cells Saturday, 10 days later, by 8 AM.

v Contact Barbara Mumpower @850-872-6107, cell 850-532-4619 or email

Those attending must pre-register by filling in the form below and mailing it to: Barbara Mumpower 2813 East 11th Street Panama City Florida 32401 along with registration fees and a phone number or Email address so I can let you know the date of your class. Detach here \I/

Queen Grafting Class

Make checks out to:

Tupelo Beekeepers Association


Phone Number________________ or Email_______________________

Number Attending _____________x $25 = __________ Amount enclosed

Please be sure to give me some way to contact you

Thank you


I will try to find some more for you to look into soon.

It’s raining here in Pensacola, FL. So I am going to enjoy my day off and hope you are enjoying all that all ya’ll are doing.



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