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January 28, 2012

Procrastination Time – again!

For a Master Beekeeper, I seem to be not the right one to say anything. I haven’t looked at my bees since last November.  But just looking out the back door, it seems that I only have one colony that is working. There should be two. I will be looking into my hives tomorrow afternoon. (Procrastination time was this Winter. I should have at least looked into the hives on a warm day in December and sometime in January.) Again, don’t do as I do, do as I say. hehe

I am getting some nuc boxes ready so I can split sometime this spring. I will be using plastic foundation with wax coating. I have found that using nuc boxes for splits works best for me. when the bees get crowded, I just put another nuc box on for the second story. Then when that box get full, I can either split the two boxes and put another box on top of  the new splits, or — I can automatically split again. Or, I can take the 10 frames and put them in a full hive box and have a working full colony.

I was asked the other day to tell what the newspaper method of combining two colonies. Here is an explanation and other methods of combining.

If any of you readers have questions about this presentation, then by all means, ask. I will have another post in a day or two telling you about my adventures in hive diving.


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