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November 2, 2011

Master Beekeeper College and the 91st Florida State Beekeepers Convention

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when my wife informed me that we could attend the college and FSBA Convention this October. I had already accepted that I could not attend this time. I was elated!

I had already stopped studying and stopped gathering up my school work. Now I had to get in high gear and get it all together and hope I didn’t forget anything. I still forgot my vest with my patches and advancement rockers and all the pins that I received each year.

We left Wednesday the 26th and arrived in Orlando that evening. We stayed with my son and his wife and enjoyed the grandkids while there.

Thursday Morning, I registered for the bee college and turned in all my paperwork.  The class I was to take was the Master’s class, but since there were only two of us to take the Master Beekeeper test, we sat with the Advanced class and had a review. I was kind of apprehensive about my upcoming exam and was really sweating bullets as we were getting closer to the test time.

Ok, here we go. Again, since there were only two of us to test our level, we were sent to the Advance testing room and had 3 hours to complete the examination. I had finished all that I could and went through the papers 3 more times hoping that I could remember some more of the answers. Alas! I could not add to my answer sheets. I still had 25 minutes to go, but I finally decided that if I could not remember or change any answers after going over it 3 times, then so be it. I tried!

To make a long stressful story short and sweet, I did pass. We didn’t get grades, so we really don’t know where we were weak. Pass or fail. PASSED was good enough for me. I am now classified as a Master Beekeeper. Now I have two years in which to complete my next assignments. I really don’t know how the exams will be given for my Master Craftsman Beekeeper level (the highest level in Florida). I do know that I will have to stand before the Board members and be orally tested. That one will be a doozy, I think.

The  convention was Friday and Saturday. I don’t know what all the classes were about as I didn’t get to attend all of them, but I did pick up some good information for my student classmates who didn’t get to attend this year. We have a study group going and they will be ready next March.

Anyway, I thank you for bearing with me during this time. I should be able to get back to normal and start writing something that will be interesting to you now.

Until next time, your bees are going into Winter and need you to check on the weight of honey (winter feed), and keep monitoring the pollen.  Remember, keep your veil handy, your smoker lit, and your hive tool sharp.

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