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September 2, 2011

Ahhhhhh – Rain!

Rain keeps a beekeeper away from his bees. In some cases, that is bad. But in other cases, that gives him time to stop and recoup. It also gives the essence of life to the flowers so there will be some fall honey for the bees.

Now is the time to read, plan, and do the little things that can be done inside the shop, like build frames, repair and replace foundation, melt wax, clean up in general. And don’t forget the honey-dos for the spouse. In my case to write some more words of wisdom?! hehe.

Since my daughter-in-law is cleaning up the jungle in the back yard, I need to get something put together to stack all my plastic foundation in to get theĀ  4 1/2-5 foot high pile of frames and foundation inserts knocked down so she will see that she is getting somewhere. (I piled frames and foundation in a single pile when I was cleaning boxes and it really grew tall.) I am thinking of different ways to make a long frame rack that will extend across the back fence from one side of the yard to the other so I can check the frames when I get time to see if I have enough to load all my boxes that I am in the process of painting. Another good project for the rainy days.

Have I told you how I buy the light colored miss-mixed paint at the discount table and mix it all together when I get home? That way all the boxes in the equipment yard will be painted the same color this time. Next time, the equipment that I bring in to be repaired will get a paint job and will be of a different color and that gives me a multicolored stack of boxes. Believe it or not, the general public will not see the multicolored stack as readily as they do with a solid white stack.

Some people will paint their equipment then paint their ID number on, then later when it is time to paint again, go through the same process again. Me, I just use a rotozip and carve my ID number on the boxes and it is there no matter how many times I paint. Of course, I have not gotten all my equipment marked yet. I try to mark the boxes on both ends so no matter which way the boxes face, the numbers will be seen. You need to mark your equipment for identification in case of theft. In times past, we didn’t have to worry about that, but now even some beekeepers are not as honest as they used to be.

I chased rabbits again, didn’t I? Back to the frames and foundations. Frames should be kept up off the ground and in a dry place. Sometimes dry is not possible, but they can be kept up. That is why I want to build a frame rack. Once that is done, then I can clean and wax-coat the plastic foundations and get ready for the spring honey flow and splitting.

I will write another post about re-waxing foundation. Uh oh! Rain stopped, I will have to hide before someone wants me to go outside and do some work. hehe

Catch you later, enjoy the long Labor Day weekend.


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