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February 23, 2011

Workshop Report

Alas, I am still the reporter for the NEBA workshop (unofficially). The speakers were:

Audrey Berry, Research Tech from the Mississippi State University Entomology Dept. speaking on the Small Hive Beetle and how to cope;

Mark Dykes, Research Tech from the University of Florida Entomology Dept. speaking on the African Honey Bee;

Robert (Rob) Housburgh, FL State Apiary Inspector and Lab Tech – Gainesville speaking on Using the Ozone to Sterilize Hive Bodies and Wax;

David Westervelt, Environmental Specialist I and Apiary Research – Gainesville. I think he talked on Pests and Diseases.   He also had a class on splitting hives;

Laurence Cutts, Retired Chief Apiary Inspector and Past Florida State Beekeepers Association President had a question and answer class. He is versed on all aspects of honey bees, honey, plants and Florida Honey bee and Food Safety laws;

And last but far from least, Doug Corbin, Florida State Apiary Inspector of NW Florida Panhandle showed how to assemble hive boxes, frames, and how to install foundation in the frames. He used how to and why reasoning for all of the assembly. He also had a class on splitting a hive.

Our own past president of NEBA , Wayne Miller, was on hand to help out where needed and he also had a class on splitting a hive. His hive was a hostile one and he showed how to calm the bees and continued to split. Good job Wayne.

I heard that we had over 100 people to attend which is up from 96 last year.

Again, as in the past, there were compliments on the program, honey judging, and even the signs were appreciated. We had no one get lost this year. I think it was because Wayne had some signs professionally made and they were able to be seen.

I was disappointed to see no one bring anything to sale or trade. We had several beekeepers come ready to purchase equipment. But not all was lost, as we had two vendors, Rossman Apiaries of and Elmore Herman of Millie Bee – bring their wares to the workshop and take up the slack.

I really didn’t get to attend most of the classes as I was recruited to help my Darlin’ Princess receive the entrants for the honey judging section of the workshop. I will have to write a separate post on what the judges look for when they are judging.

We had entrants in seven classes out of a possible thirteen.

  • Extracted honey: Amber
  • Extracted honey: Dark
  • Black jar (honey in a black jar)
  • Creamed honey
  • Candle (poured or dipped, straight or ornamental)
  • Original bee related art
  • Beekeeping gadgets

While the judging was going on, there were classes for the attendees so the judges could work without interruptions. Then while the noon meal was being consumed, the items were on display in the cafeteria.

We had refreshments and drinks throughout the day and door prizes were given out. All in all, I think it was a success and several people said that they are looking forward to next year. WELL DONE COMMITTEE MEMBERS. You did great!

  • Extracted honey: Light
  • Extracted honey: Amber
  • Extracted honey: Dark
  • Black jar (honey in a black jar)Creamed honeyCandle (poured or dipped, straight or ornamental)Original bee related artBeekeeping gadgets

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