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October 24, 2010

Pensacola State Fair

Friday and Saturday were my work evenings. I worked the Escarosa honey booth with a young lady about 7 or 8 years of age. She is a very knowledgeable young beekeeper. After watching her find the queen in record time and explaining about the bees to the visitors of the booth, I decided I could concentrate on talking about the differences of honey by way of taste and color, the uses of honey for medical purposes, and the reason that different honeys cost’s vary.

Zoie’s dad and mom was working the booth with us. I was there as the most experienced beekeeper, but you wouldn’t have known that as the two adults had as much knowledge about the bees as I. The only thing that I really have on them is experience and probably more of the scientific information than they do. There were so very few questions directed to me by the other beekeepers that I almost got bored, but not quite.

All in all I had fun both days. The Fair will be continuing of until Sunday 31st. If you have time and the want to, please come to the Pensacola State Fair and visit the honey booth. We will be glad to jaw with you about honey and honeybees.

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