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October 12, 2010

New Responsibilities

I had a beekeeper call me the other day to ask if he could bring two observation hives over to my house. He said that I was the only one in the area whose bees could still find food. At least I was the only one that could keep an observation hive profitable.

He gave me some pollen substitute patties with instructions how to feed the bees in their observation habitats. I am now the caretaker for 3 observation hives.

I had 3 hives in my back yard apiary and one got slimmed by Small Hive Beetle larvae. Now I have something else to clean up.

I am getting ready for a give a bee class to an adult group in a week and then the Pensacola State Fair will be Oct. 21-31. I am volunteering with my wife for about 5-7 six hour shifts.

I got up this morning and was going to mow the grass around the bees in the back yard and before I could get started, the rains began kinda stopping that thought. So now, I can start planning a bee class in Alabama for a sister bee association.

Always something to do. When you are retired, you need to keep busy so you can live longer. Better stop and post this so I can get to work. Until next time start cleaning boxes, frames, building extras and read, read, read.

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  1. bo englert | Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    howdi! My wife and i live out on garcon point- a rather damp place from time to time. We want to become beekeepers in a considerable way. We own 2 1/2 acres so we can expand once we learn the basics. Do you offer a class- or personal tutoring? I am 54 years old and my wife is somewhere above 18- but we are mighty serious about this new endeavor. And with your help- or someone like you- we would like to learn enough to caretake for as many bees as we can going forward. Any and all info you might have would be a help. And if you are too busy, do you know anyone who might mentor us as we begin? Thank you, Bo and bev englert- garcon point.

  2. ekpeach | Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    There are several beekeeping associations in this neighborhood that you can get with to start your training. Call me and I will try to point you in the right direction.


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