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January 1, 2010

Getting Ready For The New Year

Thanksgiving and Christmas are over and I just sent my wife to Texas to visit her mother for two weeks. My middle son and his family, who are staying with us, just left to go up to the New England area to preach at one of his sponsoring churches, and maybe several other churches. I am all alone for at least one week. Now I can just do what I want to do. No, that is not right. I will do what I have to do to get ready to go to Orlando, FL in 1o days to the American Bee Federation convention. I have been asked to introduce a short documentary on film and tell a little about the producer.

Brynmore Williams was born on the island of Barbados. At an early age, he wanted to make documentary films. But first, he achieved a degree in Biology. He has made several documentaries and is the Senior Multimedia Producer at GlobalPost which is part of Global News in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bees in the Key of A is a short 8 minute film about how beekeepers are in love with their bees. The sounds of happy colonies and the pleasure that the bees give to them.

Now you ask me what does this have to do with bees in my apiary? Answer, Nothing except how I spend some of my time. I do get credit for attending a national bee meeting and also get credit for being sort of a speaker at a national level for the Bee College. You don’t have to do any of this if you don’t want to, unless you are getting a grade in school. I do speak in front of audiences, just not on this great of scale.

Now that I am home alone, I am getting my schedule ready so I can work my bees, such as, getting equipment gathered up to slop feed my bees that I have transported to one apiary. I have two barrels of peppermint candy that I have mixed water in with to let the bees get some winter feed. I have to put a screen on the top to keep the possums out. I had 3 possums drown two years ago and I don’t want a repeat.

My beekeeper friend, that I rely on heavily, and I are going to work my bees and then his to make sure all is well. Kinda like getting ready for Spring.

Right now, here in NW Florida, the temperature is in the low 40s and I would like the weather to be in the 50s before I go out to clean some more boxes and build frames and foundation. I am hoping that when I get back from Orlando in about three weeks, it will be a little warmer. I have plans to split some or all of my colonies this Spring. I have only 7 colonies and if I can, I want to have 14 before the swarming season begins.

Right now, you should be reading books, magazines, and watching training videos. If you do work your bees at this time, please keep your veil close, your smoker lit, and hive tool sharp.

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