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November 30, 2009

More Delays

Sunday afternoon was spent letting my son and Daughter-in-law pack for him to go to Africa for two weeks. My grandson and I just chilled and stayed out of their way. We should have gone to check on the colony in a lady’s garden, but we didn’t. Too much going on here and we didn’t want to miss anything.

We did, however wait until his dad and mom left for the New Orleans International Airport this morning. Then we went to the north end of the county where the trailer was left with the two hives of bees still on it. It was sunny and very pretty when we left the house about 10:00 this morning. By the time we got to the road leading to the apiary, it started to rain hard enough that the bees would be very upset if we tried to move them off the trailer. We decided that this is not a good time to fool with the bees. We will have to wait until around Thursday or Friday. Maybe even Saturday.

Since it is raining, I will just have to study for my Master Beekeeper test that will be given next November. I have plenty to do to get ready for that. Review all the information gained the last two years, read suggested books, read information on the web (probably printing some of it to hard copy so I can take it with me and study away from the computer), and researching information on my Major. There are seven subjects and I need to pick one. Haven’t decided which one yet. One of them depends on me getting accepted to go to a Third world area to help them learn better working skills in raising bees. If I get to do that, then I will have completed about 3 items on the list. That would get me through the major course and all I would have to do would be my Public Service points, 10 to be exact.

In the meantime, I need to do some planning on the dimensions of the screened bottom boards and new top boards and possibly some top screens for moving bees long distance. I am also wanting to try single sized boxes for the complete hive. I have to do some figuring as to how best to change over. I will start with one or two hives until I am comfortable with that before I go all the way with all my colonies and future ones.

I am also just 3 months away from the Bee Chautauqua (workshop) and there are several things that still needs to be done before we are ready.

So I’ll get back with you later to let you know how I am faring, both in the bee yard and the Chautauqua.

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